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This post is part of the “The best areas to live in Madrid” Series. In this post I’ll share info about the Moncloa-Aravaca district that will help you get an idea of what your life would be like in this area, the type of housing you can find, its prices and the activities available by just going out on the street and walking a few minutes.

It is a very varied District where you can find from La Casa de Campo (the most important public park in Madrid), the Palacio de la Moncloa (where the President of the Government lives and works), the commercial street Princesa to the old town of Aravaca that was annexed to the capital in 1949.

Moncloa Aravaca in turn, is divided into the following neighborhoods:

  • Casa de Campo
  • Argüelles
  • Ciudad Universitaria
  • Valdezarza
  • Valdemarín
  • El Plantío
  • Aravaca

We recommend the following neighbourhoods:

  • Aravaca
  • Argüelles
  • Ciudad Universitaria
  • El Plantío
  • Valdemarín

Housing in Moncloa-Aravaca

Housing varies a lot from one neighbourhood to the other:


There are 2 very distinctive areas, one belongs to the old town of Aravaca with narrow streets and older homes and another is a very residential area with wide and tree-lined avenues with more recent homes and recent construction.
Most are buildings with modern flats and chalets. Both of different types, with large common areas including swimming pools and sports areas, townhouses and detached ones.


It is the most urban area of this District.
Very central, with a large green area, the Parque del Oeste, on one of its borders. Many restaurants and shopping areas.
The Plaza de España, one of the symbols of Madrid, is in this neighborhood with one of its emblematic buildings renovated a few years ago with apartments and flats available for rent. From these propertiess you can enjoy some of the best views of Madrid towards the Royal Palace.

Ciudad Universitaria

Within this neighborhood we must highlight Puerta de Hierro as it offers completely different characteristics to the rest.
Puerta de Hierro is one of the most exclusive areas of Madrid with large properties that can go for a 20,000€ monthly rent.
Different size flats in buildings with common areas are also available and more affordable.

El Plantío

It is accessed through the Carretera de La Coruña (A6), located between Pozuelo de Alarcón and Majadahonda, which can lead to some confusion since it may not look as if it belongs to the Municipality of Madrid.
Rental properties can go for more than € 20,000 in some of the most exclusive developments such as La Florida and La Escorzonera. But the majority are semidetached and town houses with much lower prices.


Most buildings are recent construction, about 4-5 stories high. With common areas including swimming pools, playgrounds and sport centers. Normally the ground floors have a private garden and the rest of the floors have large terraces.
There are different types, the majority are apartments from 3 to 5 bedrooms.


There is an offer of around 800 properties for rent with an average price of around 16€/sq m.

Most of the properties offered are flats though there is a large offer of houses (around 14%). The majority of the flats (33%) are 4 or more bedrooms. There are also 1 bedroom apartments (13%), 2-bedroom apartments (28,50%) and 3-bedroom flats (22%).  

Of these, 50% are rented with a garage, 46% have a terrace, 42% a garden and 40% a swimming pool.

With this table you can easily see the range of prices and the type of property with the greatest offer:

  • These percentages and prices refer to an approximate average of the supply that we have observed in recent years. The supply of housing available for rent in Moncloa-Aravaca varies from day to day. The more demanded the area, the more dynamic the offer.

Sporting Centers in Moncloa-Aravaca

Parque Deportivo Puerta de Hierro
Carretera de la Coruña, s/n

Centro Deportivo Municipal Alfredo Goyeneche
Arroyo de Pozuelo, 99

Centro Deportivo Municipal Tenis Casa de Campo
Camino Príncipe, 2

Cultural Centres in Moncloa-Aravaca

Centro Cultural Moncloa
Plaza de Moncloa, 1

Centro Cultural Aravaca
Zarza, 20

Museums and Art Galleries in Moncloa-Aravaca

Museo Cerralbo
Ventura Rodríguez, 17

Museo de America
Avenida de los Reyes Catolicos, 6

Museo del Traje
Avenida de Juan de Herrera 2

Casa de Velázquez
Paul Guinard, 3

Museo de la Farmacia Hispana
Plaza de Ramon y Cajal s/n | Facultad de Farmacia

Fundación AMYC – Casa Museo Fuente Del Rey
Fuente del Rey, 11

Recinto Ferial de la Casa de Campo
Avenida de Portugal, s/n

Theaters and Cinemas in Moncloa-Aravaca

Cines Golem
Martin de los Heros, 14

Cines Renoir
Martín de los Heros, 12
Princesa, 3

Centro Comercial Príncipe Pío (planta alta)

Cine de Verano
Parque de la Bombilla, Avenida de Valladolid

Teatro Sanpol
Plaza de San Pol de Mar 1

Schools in Moncloa-Aravaca

Hay un total de 10 colegios públicos, 3 institutos, 11 centros privados privados, 15 colegios concertados y, entre ellos, 20 son bilingües español-ingles. En este enlace de la Comunidad de Madrid se pueden consultar todos.

Parks in Moncloa-Aravaca

Casa de Campo
Paseo de la Puerta del Angel 1

Parque del Oeste
Paseo Moret, 2

Parque Dehesa de la Villa
Carretera Dehesa de La Villa 1

Parque de la Montaña (Templo de Debod)
Calle de Irún

Zoo Aquarium de Madrid
Casa de Campo, s/n

Shopping in Moncloa-Aravaca

The main commercial hub of this district is located at the end of Calle Princesa, especially at its confluence with Calle Alberto Aguilera. This area has come to be called the Silver Mile.

You will find a large department store, such as El Corte Inglés, and the main young fashion and sportswear chains. In addition, there are numerous local shops in the surrounding area.

On the other hand, in the more residential areas such as Puerta de Hierro or Valdemarín there is less commerce.  

Postal Codes in Moncloa-Aravaca

28008, 28011, 28023, 28035, 28039, 28040


Does Moncloa-Aravaca convince you? Do you think it would be a good choice for you?

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