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What an adventure we’ve embarked on.

We have no choice but to start from the beginning.

– What obviousness! says Almu.

– Well, yes, of course, but also of good manners.

The first thing is to introduce ourselves, we are Paloma and Almudena. Or Palo and Almu, our working names. Two castizas and intrepid consultants, resident in Madrid.

In a far away summer afternoon, we met having tea with our children at a friend’s house.

– Palo, remember when we first met? I had just moved to Buenos Aires with my family and I was very confused.
– Of course I do, you were clueless and your kids didn’t even understand their school buddies.
– And that it’s the same language.
– But with a different touch.

Everything had a different touch.

Almudena had just moved in after a transoceanic move from Spain to Argentina. She had moved because of her husband’s work, as an expatriate, with two very young children.

Paloma had already been in the same situation for two years so she was the expert porteña of the gang as her three girls who seemed to have been born in the heart of Palermo neighborhood and had Argentine genes.

This was the beginning of a great friendship and the seed of this adventure.

– It was a great experience.

– Yes, now that we see it in the distance and from the comfort of our office but remember all the doubts before we arrived and all the strange situations that we had to face once we arrived.

– And we were fortunate to have the company’s support at all times.

– See how everything has changed now! the majority of professionals who move from one country to another receive very little help.

– You tell me, my last move was completely different.

– Don’t laugh, it’s the beauty of being serial expats.

– And with so many years of experience, we’ve seen it all.

– Don’t go so far! people would think we are retired and we’re just recent borns.

The truth is that an international move is an enriching adventure and an unforgettable experience but to be honest, you have to admit that it is much more so once it has passed.

The months before you feel at home again, in a new home in a strange city are all about doubts and problems to be solved. From the simplest ones like wondering if it’s worth taking the cradle to the ones that will have more consequences like choosing the area of the city in which it will be easier to maintain your lifestyle.

– How good it would have been for us to have known Buenos Aires before the move.

– Information is power!

– Absolutely.

– Imagine having a magical little booklet with all the relevant info

– That would be a dream

– Made it true

– By us

– Hooray!

The good news is that relocating to Madrid knowing all the necessary details for an easy and quick adaptation is possible.

Let me introduce you “The secret to settling in Madrid”, our Manual where you’ll find the information, contacts and essential instructions to succeed. We tell you everything we’ve learned over the years by helping professionals and their families settle in Madrid. All about housing, school and administrative procedures.

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