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Life in the Move

We are the first company in Madrid providing online relocation services.
Find your new home in 2 weeks and feel supported throughout the whole process.

The beginnings are always the hardest part of a transition.

As important as first impressions are when meeting somebody, so is the first experience that you live through in a new place.

It will be a marker of how your feelings and attitude towards this new adventure will develop in the future.

Be ready with the most reliable and accurate information.

The beginnings are always the hardest part of a transition.

Lean on our experience to make you feel welcome in Madrid.

If you’ve ever relocated to a different city, you´re probably familiar with some of these situations:

60″What area of Madrid is more convenient for me? Where should I start searching?


My requirements are crystal clear: I want a 2-bedroom apartment located in the downtown area, with a garage, unfurnished, modern style and a swimming pool. And also a terrace! With easy access to my job.

I´m finding a lot of info but any of it is either reliable nor verified.

I´m feeling like I’m wasting my time and not advancing at all while searching from my city of origin.

I wish I could find a manual with all the info clearly organized so I can start getting to know Madrid and feel a part of this new city.

I´d like to be able to better manage my timing and I want to deal personally with everyone involved in the search.”

“I’ve already been living in a short term apartment while searching for our permanent one for 3 weeks but I haven´t yet been able to close any deal despite the fact I’ve viewed some I really liked!


One has been rented before I had a chance to decide, while at another, the landlord presented a really tough lease …

In short, I have the feeling that locals don’t trust me or I don’t know how to properly approach them since I’m new in the city.

I’d like to find someone who knows the habits and the way the real estate agencies work in Madrid. This will generate trust, and  I can use their experience and connections to get my agenda organized.

I can handle myself in Madrid, no need to be accompanied. This way it will be more affordable.”

“I’m moving with my 3 little children and don’t want to stay a whole month in a hotel!


I need to be able to comfortably prepare baby’s bottles and food and to get all of us adapted to our new city’s daily routine. I’m concerned about expenses, too.

I want to reduce the transitional period and keep my family unsettled as shortly as possible. The sooner we get used to our new life the better.

I need to have all the steps planned out before moving from my city. I’d like to be picked up from the hotel the day after I arrive and be driven to all viewings accompanied until I move into my new home.”

“I’ve just found out there may be a chance to move to Madrid next year. I have no idea about how life in that city would be like.


I’d like to receive info and tips about Madrid and its traditions. So I can start familiarizing myself with the city and will know what to expect when I arrive.”

If you are in any of these situations, we’d love to assist and accompany you throughout  this process.

Your new life deserves a positive and successful start.

Life in the move assists individuals and their families in settling down in Madrid. We advise and accompany you when renting your home, choosing a school for your children and arranging all of the necessary paperwork. In all 3 processes or only in those you need.

We help you control unnecessary expenses and save time and energy for the important event that starting a new life from scratch in Madrid is.

All our clients succeeded in moving into their new homes within 2 WEEKS.

Get the most positive experience when settling down in Madrid.


Don’t worry for the language, we speak Spanish for you.

Discover our 3 services  to ease your relocation to Madrid:

Do It Yourself

We provide directions and counseling.

Your part of the job is to put in your time and effort.

Let’s Do It Together

We provide directions and planning.

You only have to follow our plan.

We Do It For You

We take control of all the process, you don’t need to worry.

Let us drive you.

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