Deciding in which area of Madrid to live?

This article belongs to the series “Interviews & Areas of Madrid”. In it we give voice to its residents, Spanish or foreign, recently moved or with many years of experience in the neighborhood. From their personal experience and their recommendations, we will approach each area with the intention of facilitating the decision-making process on which area you will feel more comfortable when moving to Madrid.  

Hyacinth-Madrid | Lifeinthemove

I met Hyacinth through the International Newcomers Club. We are both members of this fun club and have had a great time at some of the various activities they organize. Hyacinth is also a member of the VP team.

Hyacinth is Filipina by birth, raised in Australia, has been living in Europe for years with her family of 5 and landed in Madrid in the middle of the pandemic where she managed set up her pilates studio while settling down.

Getting to know Hyacinth and Chamartin


Why did you choose Chamartin?

We live in Chamartin, specifically in Nueva España. I’d say the house chose us – we arrived with quite a few requirements and our home ticked just about every box! We initially knew next to nothing about Chamartin when we were looking for homes, specifically looking around Salamanca, Chamberi and Conde Organ area initially.

What do you do in Madrid?

Our move to Madrid was instigated by my husband’s work however, I have put up my own Pilates Studio as soon as we finally got settled!

What can you do on foot?

I can do just about everything on foot – El Corte Ingles in Castallana is a maximum 30 minute walk but that aside, we have a very wide choice of restaurants, pharmacies, supermarkets, bakeries, salons, florists, electronics and clothings stores, all the way to dentists, beauticians, etc… all within 5 – 10 mins walking distance.

Do you use public transportation? Or private car?

We are very close to some great bus lines and the Metro so I use it often. However, on weekends when traveling or commuting as family, we tend to use the amazing car sharing system. We love this.

Shopping in the neighborhood: a couple of favorite stores

Media Markt, Casa Ruiz, Jacaranda (flowers shop), Cool and Sack are probably my most visited shops.

Leisure in the neighborhood: restaurants, bars…

There are too many restaurants (dream list is XO just down the road): but we tend to gravitate to an Asturiana restaurant on Felix Boix, Bocaboca, Saffron (aperitivo), el Qüenco de Pepa and Quinqué are fabulous. If I want a fix from my Fillipino food, I can just walk down Bravo Murillo (10 mins walk) which is pretty amazing. We also have some amazing French restaurants nearby which are 10 mins by car.

Culture of the neighborhood: theaters, cinemas, museums…

Unfortunately, have not really visited theatres or cinemas near ours but I have been to the odd exhibition in Fundación Canal – which is quite amazing for the fact that they are mostly free! However, it should be noted that we are within walking distance to the Bernabéu stadium!

Tell us something about sports

We have a lovely park nearby which is okay for running or fast walking (though not as beautiful as Retiro) and there are some Padel courts down Padre Damien. I of course, only use my Pilates studio for Pilates but a Community Gym / Sports establishment is on Pio XII which offers a wide range of sport facilities (I think).

Green areas, which one is your favorite?

The green park nearby which is called Cuarto Depósito with a rose garden and beautiful views of the skyscrapers.

Would you recommend the area to live with children?

Chamartin is a wonderful family and child friendly area – 100%!

Something you would like to add

There are many international schools nearby (British ie Hastings, Wisdom) and the French Lycee is about 35 mins by bus or less by car. We are so well connected to the Centre (Metro 1, 10 and 9) and full served by the bus system that we feel like we have the best of both worlds. We are very lucky to have found a nice quiet street with friendly neighbours. Finally, we even have the Hospital VIrgen del Mar around the corner as well as La Paz which has been really great and practical for us whenever we needed any specific medical treatment.


And, finally, a summary of what type of housing can be found in Chamartin


Chamartín is the most residential and landscaped of all the central districts (within the M-30 highway belt) of Madrid. Here you’ll find more residential buildings with common areas (gardens and swimming pools) and also more chalets with private green areas.

There are also a wide variety of schools available. Shopping areas are concentrated in some streets while there are other streets that are more residential.

Good public transport.

Santiago Bernabéu soccer stadium, home of Real Madrid, is located here. It hold games every two weeks during the season causing traffic jams in its proximity.

Currently in Pozuelo, there is an offer of approximately 1000 homes for rent with an average price of around 17,32€/m2.

There is a great variety of homes, apartments, flats, semi-detached and detached villas with a wide range of prices as well. 25% of them have 4 or more bedrooms. And 43% are 2 and 3 bedroom homes. There are also studios (6%) and 1-bedroom apartments (26%).

Of these, 4% are chalets, 41% are rented with a garage, 38% have a terrace and 26% have a swimming pool.

With this table you can easily see the range of prices and the type of property with the greatest offer:

PRICES-CHAMARTIN | Lifeinthemove
  • These percentages and prices refer to an approximate average of the rental supply we have observed over the last few years. The supply of available rental housing in Chamartin varies from day to day. The more in-demand the area, the more dynamic the market.


Does Chamartin convince you? Do you think it would be a good choice for you?

If you are planning to move to Madrid soon, you’ll find all the relevant information in The secret of relocating to Madrid. If, in addition, you need help with the organization or even if you prefer that we accompany you, check out our services.

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