Do you want to know which area of Madrid would be a good fit for you?

This post is part of the “The best areas to live in Madrid” Series. In this post I’ll share info about the Ciudad Lineal-Hortaleza-San Blas districts that will help you get an idea of what your life would be like in this area, the type of housing you can find, its prices and the activities available by just going out on the street and walking a few minutes.

We have grouped these 3 districts because they have many aspects in common, the most identifying being the Arturo Soria street that crosses them from west to east. And by which the people of Madrid refer to the area.

Apart from Arturo Soria, each district has very different neighbourhoods.

They are located outside the central almond of Madrid, on the outside of the M-30 but are well connected by public transport to the centre. It also has all kinds of services, medical and cultural centres, schools, etc.

Housing at Arturo Soria

These are 3 districts in which it’s difficult to search and find good properties due to the great difference between some streets and others within the same neighborhood. There are some high-quality, modern buildings and others that are very old and poorly maintained.

The fact that real estate agencies do not generally include the address of the house or even the name of the street complicates the search even more.

In any case, it’s worth spending time searching in this area because you can find good opportunities if you do not want to live in the center of the city, both for flats with swimming pool and for villas.

Around Arturo Soria, most buildings have common areas and swimming pools. Towards the end of the street, the buildings are higher with many neighbors while if you go more towards Ciudad Lineal, there are smaller buildings with fewer neighbors.

There are also small gated communities with chalets and some free- standing houses.

We recommend the following neighborhoods:

    • Ciudad Lineal, Atalaya
    • Ciudad Lineal, Colina
    • Ciudad Lineal, Costillares
    • Ciudad Lineal, San Juan Bautista
    • Hortaleza, Apóstol Santiago: Interesting streets: Añastro, Ramonet, Golfo de Salonica.
    • Hortaleza, Canillas
    • Hortaleza, Palomas: More modern buildings than old ones
    • Hortaleza, Pinar del Rey
    • Hortaleza, Piovera – CONDE ORGAZ: Conde Orgaz is one of the most exclusive areas in the center of Madrid where you can find large chalets with large gardens. There are also high-quality townhouses and semi-detached houses and very spacious apartments with large common areas.
      There are several schools and shopping areas. More chalets than flats.
    • Hortaleza, Valdefuentes-VALDEBEBAS:
 It’s a recently developed area of Madrid. The streets, houses and services are new or are being developed or projected as we speak. The Real Madrid Sports City was installed here in 2005.
    • Hortaleza, SANCHINARRO:
One of the latest urban developments in Madrid. Very well located and connected to more central and developed areas at several points. The buildings are new, all with common areas, pools and garages. Many schools, big shopping center, several medical and sports centers. Good public transport.
(Fotocasa includes in this District the neighborhood of El Encinar de los Reyes)
    • San Blas, Canillejas: You can find some newly built villas that could be worthwhile. The majority of housing in the area are old buildings of medium-low quality.

Currently, there is an offer of around 1.300 properties for rent with an average price of around 13€/sq m. In the Districts of Ciudad Lineal-Hortaleza-San Blas.

Most of the properties offered are flats though there is a large offer of houses (around 27%). The majority of the flats (33%) are 4 or more bedrooms. There are also 1 bedroom apartments (16%), 2-bedrooms apartments (20%) and 3-bedrooms flats (26%).

Of these, 74% are rented with a garage, 46% have a terrace, 76% a garden and 74% a swimming pool.

With this table you can easily see the range of prices and the type of property with the greatest offer:

∗ These percentages and prices refer to an approximate average of the supply that we have observed in recent years. The supply of housing available for rent in Arturo Soria varies from day to day. The more demanded the area, the more dynamic the offer.

Sporting Centers at Arturo Soria

Centro Deportivo Municipal San Juan Bautista
Treviana,  1

Centro Deportivo Municipal Pueblo Nuevo
Francisco Rioja,  14

Centro Deportivo Municipal Concepción
José del Hierro, 5

Centro Deportivo Municipal La Almudena
Nicolás Salmerón, 8

Centro Deportivo Municipal Luis Aragonés
El Provencio, 20

Centro Deportivo Municipal Hortaleza
Estación de Hortaleza,  11

Centro Deportivo Municipal Los Prunos
Petunias, 30

Dreams Palacio de Hielo
Silvano, 77

Cultural Centers at Arturo Soria

Centro Sociocultural Siena
Siena, 52

Centro Musical Joaquín Turina
Dalia, 4

Centro Cultural Islámico. Mezquita de Madrid
Salvador Madariaga, 4

Auditorio al aire libre. Parque del Calero
Jose del Hierro, 3

Auditorio Carmen Laforet
Jazmín, 46

Centro Cultural San Juan Bautista
San Nemesio, 4

Centro Sociocultural Ciudad Lineal
Poeta Blas de Otero,  81

Centro Cultural Príncipe de Asturias
Institución Libre de Enseñanza,  14

Centro Cultural la Elipa
Santa Felicidad,  39

Centro Integrado Santiago Apóstol
Carrión de los Condes,  73

Centro Cultural Huerta de la Salud
Mar de las Antillas, 8

Centro Cultural Sanchinarro
Princesa de Éboli, 29

Centro Cultural Hortaleza
Santa Virgilia, 15

Centro Cultural Carril del Conde
Carril del Conde, 57

Centro Cultural Federico Chueca
Benita Ávila, 17

Museums and Art Galleries at Arturo Soria

Museo Africano
Arturo Soria, 101

Silo de Hortaleza
Mar de las Antillas, 14

Catedral Ortodoxa Rusa de Santa María Magdalena
Gran Vía de Hortaleza, 48

Cementerio de la Almudena
Avenida de Daroca, 90

Theaters and Cinemas at Arturo Soria

Cine Artesiete Alcalá
Centro comercial Alcalá Norte – Calle de Alcalá, 414

Cinesa Manoteras 3D
Centro Comercial Manoteras – Av. de Manoteras, 40

mk2 Palacio de Hielo
Centro Comercial Palacio de Hielo

Café Teatro Serendipia
Germán Pérez Carrasco, 21

Schools at Arturo Soria

There are a total of 30 public schools, 5 institutes, 16 private schools, 40 charter schools and 45 of them are bilingual Spanish-English. In this Comunidad de Madrid link you may check all of them.

Parks at Arturo Soria

Parque Antonio Pirala
Antonio Pirala, 8

Parque El Calero
José del Hierro, 1

Parque El Cedral
Arturo Soria, 233

Parque Pinar de la Elipa
Félix Rodríguez de la Fuente,  26

Parque Salvador de Madariaga
Salvador de Madariaga, 9

Parque de los Tilos
Nicolás Salmerón,  1

Jardín Jazmín
Roquetas de Mar,  10

Parque Forestal de Valdebebas-Felipe VI
Avenida de las Fuerzas Armadas,  11

Parque Juan Pablo II
Machupichu,  1

Shopping at Arturo Soria

Throughout the 3 districts there are small neighbourhood shops as these are more residential areas. However, there are also important shopping centres such as Centro Comercial Palacio de Hielo, Corte inglés de Sanchinarro, Centro Comercial Arturo Soria, Gran Vía de Hortaleza and Centro Comercial Alcalá Norte.

Postal codes from Arturo Soria

28017, 28027, 28033, 28042, 28043, 28050


Does Arturo Soria convince you? Do you think it would be a good choice for you?

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