It’s time to recognize this is our favorite date. And a great celebration in Madrid. Children flood the city with their excitement waiting to see the Three Wise Men (Reyes Magos) with their carriages full of gifts.
—It’s a parade through the city —Almudena says cheerfully.
—Full of magic and illusion, full of lights and brightness —affirms Paloma, beginning to dream.
—And of cold, rush and traffic jams —Almu dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s.
—But the “Roscón de Reyes” with a warm chocolate compensates for the cold and the waiting — Palo answers optimistic.
—And, above all, it makes up for seeing the excited faces of the little ones —admits Almu, softening himself.

It’s celebrated on the afternoon of January 5, the eve of the Catholic feast of the Epiphany, when the Magi of the Orient (Melchior, Gaspar and Balthasar) gave the Child Jesus gold, incense and myrrh. The “Cabalgata de Reyes” recreates the arrival of the Magi in Madrid and marks the beginning of the distribution of gifts that will take place that night.

The 6th of January is a public holiday in all of Spain and every home awakes with the gifts that the Wise Men have left at night to those who have behaved along the past year and who, previously, have sent a Letter with their wishes. Besides, it means the end of the Christmas school holidays and, bear in mind, all the shops are closed!

This year’s parade begins at 18:30h in Plaza de San Juan de la Cruz and ends at 21:00 in Cibeles, crossing the Paseos de la Castellana and Recoletos between these two squares.
—Of course several streets are closed —explains Almu realistically.
—And the traffic in the whole city gets complicated.
—It is convenient to use public transportation.
—And arrive a long time in advance to take a good place or even a seat —proposes the practical Palo.
—The stands open to the public at 16:30h.

In Plaza de Cibeles there is a stage where the traditional Message of the Three Wise Men, addressed to all the children of Madrid, takes place around 20.45 hours. Afterwards a fireworks show over the palace of Cibeles puts an end to the “Cabalgata”.

On this special occasion, the Cabalgata de Reyes 2020 pays tribute to some territories that were very dear to King Balthazar: East Africa, which was the cradle of Humanity, where a great culture flourished at the time of the Nativity and where an extraordinary diversity coexists today.

The parade will begin with a star accompanied by the constellations and at the end, as is now tradition, Melchior, Gaspar and Balthazar will parade with their entourages: accompanied by fantastic luminous animals and acrobatic angels.

Their Majesties will unite European, Oriental and African cultures in Madrid, bringing a message of peace, harmony and unity as a precious gift for children and adults.
—By the way, how have you behaved this past year? —ironic question Almu.
—Perfectly well, as usual —responds sincerely Palo.
—Do you know that older people can also ask for gifts?
—And deliver them! This year I’ve already sent several.
—Sent? To whom?
—Ah! It’s a secret!
—I thought there were no secrets between us.
—Well, you never know.
—Please, tell me!
—Who could it be? To all those who have asked the Wise Men to move to Madrid. I’ve sent them the best of gifts.

Guess what it is?

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