No, it doesn’t. This beach is not placed physically in Madrid. But it’s fixed in most “madrileños” minds.

July and August are the months in which most people in Madrid enjoy their summer holidays. The city also prepares for the season and reflects it in its own way: on the one hand, the rhythm relaxes, the traffic improves because there are no schools and because many “madrileños” exit, on the other hand, the beach and summer decor invite us to set our mood. And this 2020 summer seems to go in the same way but with great caution and uncertainty.
—It’s a time to be on the move, of comings and goings —says Paloma, excited.
—Yeah! Some people is preparing the trip —adds Almudena, thinking about whether she’ll finally be able to leave the city for a few days.
—And some just arrived and enjoy telling their experience.
—That’s how we discovered the paradox of summer in Madrid: everyone wants to spend as much time out of the city as possible but, at the same time, they love the peaceful city in August.
—Hence the saying “Madrid in August, Baden-Baden”.

In addition to those who leave the city, there are those who move during these months to “la sierra” (towns and condos on the outskirts of Madrid with a much more pleasant climate). Some conmute to Madrid every day, while others only spend the weekends up there.
But how do those who stay in Madrid spend their free time in the summer? This summer 2020, for now and following all the health measures, will also be possible.

They go to the terraces. Just Google “Terrazas Madrid 2020” and you’ll get thousands of results. They’re a summer classic.
—There are all kind of terraces —explains Palo.
—Terraces in restaurants: street, ”indoor” garden terraces or in rooftops overlooking the skyline —the exhaustive list of Almu begins.
—In bars and pubs, some are open all year round and others are open specifically for the summer.
—Even the museums offer their own.
—It’s the ideal place to catch up with friends you haven’t been able to see during the year.

They also go to the pool. Municipal swimming pools are open to the public from mid-May to mid-September. Other pools are those of Canal de Isabel II, in the heart of Chamberí, Real Canoe Swimming Club (in the Retiro area). Puerta de Hierro (located on the west exit of Madrid towards the A-6 and El Pardo). We can’t forget Playa Madrid Rio, which although not a place to swim, it does help to relieve the heat of summer. And, of course, there are numerous private swimming pools in hotels or clubs with public access.
—Also, on a different, more cultural plan, there is “Los veranos de la Villa”. It’s organized by the Madrid City Council with musical activities, theatre, dance, etc. Apparently, this year won’t start until August.
—In addition, almost all the cultural and leisure spaces have a summer offer.
—Like “Bandas al fresco” at Retiro Park (Concerts by the Madrid Symphony Orchestra).
—And “Cines de Verano”.

Surprisingly, and to conclude, our favorite “activity” is to talk about heat. That it gets hot, is a fact. Especially during “heat waves”, days when it’s better not to step on the street at the risk of melting and becoming part of the Madrid asphalt and, above all, nights when surviving without A/A is difficult. And yes, there are waves every year.

And always, always protecting ourselves and others by:
🟡 wearing face masks wherever social distancing is not possible
🟡 maintaining social distance (2 meters)
🟡 washing/sanitizing hands frequently (and your mobile!)
🟡 not touching eyes, mouth, nose

If you plan to move to Madrid shortly, either in summer or winter, in The secret of relocating to Madrid you’ll find all the relevant information on how to get a home, all the information on schools and how to process the necessary formalities to complete your transfer. If, in addition, you need help with the organization or, even if you want us to accompany you, check out our services.

In the meantime, you can receive regular information by filling out this questionnaire. And if you find it useful, we appreciate your sharing.

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