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This post is part of the “The best areas to live in Madrid” Series. In this post I’ll share info about Retiro that will help you get an idea of what your life would be like in this area, the type of housing you can find, its prices and the activities available by just going out on the street and walking a few minutes.

The district spins around the Retiro Park which is the largest urban park in Madrid. Each of its neighbourhoods has its own characteristics and are clearly differentiated from each other.

Retiro, in turn, is divided into the following neighborhoods:􏰁

  • Ibiza
  • Jerónimos
  • Pacífico
  • Adelfas
  • Niño Jesús
  • Estrella

Housing in Retiro

The properties also vary greatly from one neighborhood to another and, of course, the Retiro Park influences it: those that have views of it have higher prices and are usually of better quality.

We recommend the following neighborhoods:

Within this district, is the neighborhood in which you can find more supply in smaller homes. Most are old buildings with renovated homes. Very commercial area and great gastronomic offer.

There is the Prado Museum, the Church of the Jerónimos and the Botanical Garden. Most of the buildings are classic with very spacious and high quality homes.

Niño Jesús
Most of the buildings are from the 1970s. They are very spacious dwellings. It is a neighbourhood with a family atmosphere in which there is not a large offer of rented housing.

Currently in the district of Retiro, there is an offer of more than 490 flats for rent with an average price of around 19€/m2.

There is a very small number of chalets built so the supply of this type of housing for rent is very scarce. The majority of properties offered are flats, of which the majority (around 33%) are 2 bedrooms). There are also studios (6%), 1-bedroom apartments (17%) and 3-bedroom flats (29%) and +4-bedroom flats (15%).

Of these, 24% are rented with a garage, 27% have a terrace and a
12% of swimming pool.

With this table you can easily see the range of prices and the type of property with the greatest offer:

∗ These percentages and prices refer to an approximate average of the supply that we have observed in recent years. The supply of housing available for rent in Salamanca varies from day to day. The more demanded the area, the more dynamic the offer.

Sports Centres in Retiro

Centro Deportivo Municipal Daoíz y Velarde I
Avenida  Ciudad de Barcelona,  162

Centro Deportivo Municipal Daoíz y Velarde II
Alberche, 21

Centro Deportivo Municipal Estanque del Retiro
Paseo Colombia, 2

Centro Deportivo Municipal La Chopera
Paseo Fernán Núñez, 3

Club Real Canoe Madrid
Pez Volador, 30

Cultural Centres in Retiro

Plaza Cibeles, 1
(City Hall building)

Centro Cultural Casa de Vacas
Paseo de Colombia, 1
(inside El Retiro park)

Museums and Art Galleries in Retiro

Museo del Prado
Ruíz de Alarcón, 23

Casón del Buen Retiro
Alfonso XII, 28
(belongs to Museo del Prado)

Bolsa de Madrid
Plaza de la Lealtad,  1
(Stock Exchange)

Museo Nacional de Antropología
Alfonso XII, 68

Museo Nacional de Artes Decorativas
Montalbán, 12

Museo Naval
Paseo del Prado, 5

Palacio de Cristal
Belongs to Museo Reina Sofía, located inside Parque El Retiro
Paseo República de Cuba, 4

Palacio de Velázquez
Belongs to Museo Reina Sofía, located inside Parque El Retiro
Paseo Venezuela, 2

Panteón de Hombres Ilustres
Julián Gayarre, 3

Real Academia Española
Felipe IV, 4

Real Fábrica de Tapices
Fuenterrabía, 2

EFTI Centro Internacional de fotografía y cine
Fuenterrabía, 4

Galería de Arte Ansorena
Alcalá, 52

Sala de Subastas Christie’s
Antonio Maura, 10

Sala de Subastas Sotheby’s
Alfonso XI, 7

La Neomudéjar
Antonio Nebrija, 1

Theaters and Cinemas in Retiro

Teatro de Títeres del Retiro
Avda. Mexico, 4
(inside Retiro Park)

An institution for the children’s public in Madrid.
It has a permanent annual program, outdoors and free access. There is a show every weekend of the year, in the morning in winter and in the afternoon in summer.

Cine Renoir Retiro
Narváez, 42

Schools in Retiro

There are a total of 7 public schools, 2 institutes, 4 private schools, 14 charter schools and, among them, 12 are bilingual Spanish-English. In this link Comunidad de Madrid you may find all the info.

Parks in Retiro

Parque de El Retiro
Plaza de la Independencia, 7 – 28001 Madrid

This is the largest green area in the centre of Madrid. With gardens of different styles and important architectural and historical elements, fountains and sculptures. It also offers culture, leisure and sport.

Real Jardín Botánico
Plaza Murillo, 2 – 28014 Madrid

The best place in the centre of Madrid to enjoy Nature and calm with more than two centuries of history. It was born with the mission of promoting the knowledge, conservation and enjoyment of plants and their natural environment and introduces the visitor to the knowledge of a science with long years of tradition such as Botany.

It can be visited every day except Christmas and New Year and you can buy the ticket at the box office or through their website.

Shopping in Retiro

The largest commercial offer in the district is in the vicinity of the streets Ibiza and Narváez which extends to the area of Corte Inglés de Goya in the district of Salamanca.

Narváez street crosses the Ibiza neighbourhood and is passed through by streets such as O’Donnell, Menorca, Ibiza and Alcalde Sáinz de Baranda that lead to Retiro Park. It is a strolling area, terraces to have an aperitif and a lot of traditional commerce. You can also find the big young fashion chains, shoe shops, decoration shops and children’s fashion.

And many restaurants, both classic and avant-garde.

Postal Codes Retiro

28007, 28009, 28014


Does Retiro convince you? Do you think it would be a good choice for you?

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