Deciding in which area of Madrid to live?

This article belongs to the series “Interviews & Areas of Madrid”. In it we give voice to its residents, Spanish or foreign, recently moved or with many years of experience in the neighborhood. From their personal experience and their recommendations, we will approach each area with the intention of facilitating the decision-making process on which area you will feel more comfortable when moving to Madrid.  

Irene-Mirasierra | Lifeinthemove


I met Irene Gil when she organized a networking activity with the Linkedin group Guiri Business (Professional Network for International Business in Spain).

On the third Tuesday of every month she would summon us to Café Belén (Chueca) for the expat community in Madrid to meet and eventually do business with each other.

The Guiri Drink was interrupted by the pandemic but is likely to return soon. Stay tuned!

Irene is a true Madrileña and founder of Plázida, a company that offers slow branding and beautiful experiences.

Getting to know Irene and Mirasierra


Why did you choose Mirasierra?

I have lived in Madrid all my life and although I have traveled a lot I have never lived in other parts of the world. But I am very curious, so as much as possible, I have tried to attract the world to my city, which I adore.


I chose Mirasierra because it is a quiet, residential area to live in and full of green areas and parks for my two little dogs.


It was not my first choice but now I am glad because it has been nice to spend so much time at home in our little apartment surrounded by greenery and trees. Best of all, the views from the roof terrace where I go up to hang out the laundry and which lives up to the name of the area: Mirasierra.

What do you do in Madrid?

I currently have a small company, very small…until the unit, although I always work in collaboration with other people. It’s called Plázida and it offers slow branding and beautiful experiences.


Slow branding is the thoughtful, holistic and intentional approach to creating brands that are part of the solutions the world needs. After a 20+ year track record in branding consulting, I now work with activist entrepreneurs across the spectrum of the slow movement, as well as those committed to social, circular, sustainable or triple bottom line business models.


We turn your dream into a positive impact brand.


I also offer “beautiful experiences” that are what help us in our personal and professional development. They allow us to belong to something bigger than ourselves and feel part of a great community. They are of three types: retreats, meetings and training.


In the 2020 lockdown, I co-created with my professional colleague, Alberto Garcia, Newdreamers, a movement to promote the world we all want to live in and a community that makes it happen. Each month we organize a meeting with an inspiring person to explore an open and enabling question: “What if…?”.


You can sign up for our newsletter on the Plázida website to stay up to date with our activities and learn more about our work. And don’t worry. We hate spam too.

Also, you can follow us on Linkedin. And on Instagram


If you’re interested in the Newdreamers community, see you at mighty networks (which doesn’t market your data and that’s why we chose it):

What can you do on foot?

My partner and I make jokes about the neighborhood and call it Sesame Street.


I can do everything essential for life on foot: daily shopping in various types of supermarkets and some traditional stores, including organic sourdough bread, the pharmacy, a beer on the terrace, walking the dogs, taking clothes to the dry cleaning, going to the bank, buying flowers, playing sports, buying lottery, going to the Chinese or going to the Health Center. I also have some nursing homes and private hospitals nearby.


If I take my bike I can do the cycling ring, go to Monte del Pardo or Casa de Campo which is relatively close.


But I miss the culture, the authentic little shops and the “je-ne-sais-quoi” of downtown Madrid, especially my favorite neighborhoods: Malasaña and Chueca.

Do you use public transportation? Or private car?

I use public transport: metro, bus, train. I don’t drive but the neighborhood is also very well connected by car (M30, M40).

Shopping in the neighborhood: a couple of favorite stores

Levadura Madre, a franchise that has brought organic bread to the neighborhood and is my downfall.


La Colmena que dice Sí has a beehive in the neighborhood.


We are vegetarians and love to buy organic and proximity products and help farmers have a dignified life.

Leisure in the neighborhood: restaurants, bars…

Our favorite place to have a beer is the Gastro. They serve great beers, good tapas and the menus are very tasty. Besides, both the owner and the waiters are already friends and treat us very well. Oh, and we can go inside with our dogs.


In the neighborhood, there is also a very good Portuguese restaurant that I have only been to once (invited!) but that I highly recommend if you like cod: Tras os Montes.

Culture of the neighborhood: theaters, cinemas, museums…

This is the weak point of the neighborhood. There is only the Alfredo Kraus Cultural Center that I hardly know. Fortunately the 133 leaves you at the door of the Princesa and Golem cinemas.

Tell us something about sports

We have the Centro Deportivo Municipal La Masó very close with winter swimming pool, gym and other activities.


There is also a private gym nearby.


But what I like to do is to take my bike and ride towards Casa de Campo to the pond and Madrid Rio.

Green areas, which one is your favorite?

I just discovered through Google that the park is called Valle de Enmedio. It is beautiful, with a multitude of very leafy trees and large meadows and children’s areas. But, above all, it’s ideal for dogs who make a pack and can run free. Although there are many dogs, people are responsible and there is no excrement.


And, in addition, the houses have a communal garden and swimming pool which is much appreciated in the hot summer of Madrid.

Would you recommend the area to live with children?

Yes, totally. It is ideal for children.

Something you would like to add

No, I think that’s all 🙂


And, finally, a summary of what type of housing can be found in Mirasierra


Mirasierra is one of the neighborhoods of Madrid, belongs to the District of Fuencarral – El Pardo. And it is located on the northern boundary of the capital.

Currently in Mirasierra, there is an offer of approximately 43 homes for rent with an average price of around 11,29€/m2.

There is a wide variety of rental properties, apartments, flats, semi-detached and detached houses, although the offer is much greater in properties for sale. 58% of them have 4 or more bedrooms. And 24% are 3 bedrooms homes. There are also studios (2%), 1-bedroom apartments (2%) and 2-bedrooms /14%).

Of these, 90% are rented with a garage, 72% have a terrace and 86% have a swimming pool.

With this table you can easily see the range of prices and the type of property with the greatest offer:

  • These percentages and prices refer to an approximate average of the rental supply we have observed over the last few years. The supply of available rental housing in Mirasierra varies from day to day. The more in-demand the area, the more dynamic the market.


Does Mirasierra convince you? Do you think it would be a good choice for you?

If you are planning to move to Madrid soon, you’ll find all the relevant information in The secret of relocating to Madrid. If, in addition, you need help with the organization or even if you prefer that we accompany you, check out our services.

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