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Get all the relevant and verified info you need to settle down within 2 weeks

10% of profits goes to CRIBS Foundation through our Social Responsibility Program.



  • You’ve researched for weeks and found a lot of info in internet but not advancing at all; feeling like you’re wasting your time.
  • You’ve talked to real estate agencies, brokers (“gestorías”) and acquaintances, you’re collecting tons of data but it doesn’t really fit your needs.
  • You believe you’ll end up hiring a relocation company, it’ll be an important investment but at least you’ll receive trusted and personalized info.


FIRST PART -Housing-

Discover, in these 80 pages, all the steps required to find your home in the shortest possible time: the ideal time to start the search and meet your deadline, which Real Estate portals are the most popular ones and tricks to optimize results, the areas of Madrid, type of housing and price range for rent, even the legal bases of the rental agreement.


Get, with these 38 pages, a comprehensive vision of Spain’s educational system, the contact information for all the international private schools in Madrid and how to deal with public and charter schools. Requirements for admission to each type of school and necessary documentation from the student’s country of origin.

THIRD PART -Paperwork-

Learn, with these 100 pages, the steps and directions of the basic procedures that will allow you to complete your landing in Madrid. Obtain all info and how to go about fulfilling administrative procedures once you have a residence/work permit. 


You’ll save time and money: When you arrive, most of the work is already done so you can figure out the best time for you to view houses, interview schools and solve paperwork formalities. You won’t waste any of your valuable time with real estate agencies or on the internet. At the same time, you’ll have an estimate of how long you need a short-term accommodation and the cost.  

You’ll gain peace of mind: Having the situation under control, you’ll be more relaxed and be able to start enjoying your new adventure sooner. You can devote your time to enjoying your family or to starting your new professional career  

You’ll grow confidence: Being aware that you’re doing things right and having enough information will make you feel that your decisions are the most convenient. Naturally, the results will also reinforce this feeling.


We want your life in Madrid
to begin successfully

Because as important as first impressions are when meeting somebody, so is the first experience that you live through in a new place.  

Lean on our professional and personal experiences: We provide you with the method we’ve used for the last 15 years, helping executives and their families to settle down in Madrid. Also, it’s the way we’ve looked for (and found!) home in different cities of America, Europe and Asia.


Funder of Life in the Move and author of The secret of relocating to Madrid


I got to know firsthand the enormity of this change that affects every area of your life. vida.

And I know it because I’ve been carrying my suitcases for over 20 years, traveling around the world with my family.  

When I moved to Buenos Aires in April 1995 with two babies and a husband, I realized two things: the importance of good advice and effective organization through qualified local support for a peaceful transition that results in an enriching experience, and how interesting and endless this world of international mobility is and the wide range of professional opportunities it encompasses.  

When I returned to Madrid I have worked for 15 years assisting companies to set up their executives and their families in Madrid. Additionally, I’ve experienced several international transfers with my family through Europe and Asia.


The secret of relocating to Madrid will help you to get to know the city, to make confident decisions and to save time and money.  

You’ll arrive to Madrid with your homework done, with the viewings planned and an estimate of how long you need a short-term accommodation and the cost.

10% of profits goes to CRIBS Foundation through our Social Responsibility Program.