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This post is part of the “The best areas to live in Madrid” Series. In this post I’ll share info about Chamberi that will help you get an idea of what your life would be like in this area, the type of housing you can find, its prices and the activities available by just going out on the street and walking a few minutes.

Chamberi is one of the 21 districts into which the city of Madrid is divided. It’s one of the most coveted ones because it’s very central and versatile:

The area closest to Paseo de la Castellana has very representative, high end, classic buildings that offer very spacious homes. On the other hand, in the area next to Princesa Street it’s easier to find small apartments and the population is younger due to the proximity of several universities.

The access-exit by road to the western area of Madrid starts from this District. This translates into traffic entering and leaving the capital in some of its streets at peak hours.

Chamberi, in turn, is divided into the following neighborhoods:

    • Almagro
    • Arapiles
    • Gaztambide
    • Nuevos Ministerios-RíosRosas
    • Trafalgar
    • Vallehermoso

Chamberi has all kinds of services, schools, sports, leisure areas, parks, shopping areas. And, of course, a wide range of restaurants, bars and nightlife. In addition, it is very well connected by public transportation.

Housing in Chamberi

There is an offer of more than 1000 flats for rent with an average price of around 20€/m2.

There is a very small number of chalets built so that the supply of this type of housing for rent is super scarce. Most of the properties offered are flats, of which the majority (around 31%) are 2 bedrooms). There are also studios (7%), 1-bedroom apartments (25%), 3-bedroom flats (19%) and 4-bedroom flats (18%).

Of these, 18% are rented with a garage and 6% have a swimming pool.

With this table you can easily see the range of prices and the type of property with the greatest offer:

∗ These percentages and prices refer to an approximate average of the supply that we have observed in recent years. The supply of housing available for rent in Chamberí varies from day to day. The more demanded the area, the more dynamic the offer.

Sport centers at Chamberi

Centro Deportivo Municipal Vallehermoso
Avda. Filipinas, 7 – 28003 Madrid

Club Sala de Armas de Madrid
Avda. Filipinas, 40 – 28003 Madrid

Instalación Deportiva Básica Sala Municipal de Esgrima
Avda. Filipinas, 7 – 28003 Madrid

Instalación Deportiva Canal de Isabel II
Avda. Filipinas, 54 – 28003 Madrid

Club Fútbol Sala Chamberí
Bravo Murillo, 16 – 28015 Madrid

Cultural Centers at Chamberi

Centro Cultural Galileo
Located in a nineteenth century building that still retains much of its structure. It offers different courses and activities. It also has a theatre where high quality plays are performed.

Centro Conde Duque

It has several exhibition halls, an auditorium and a theatre where different shows are regularly held. It’s also home to the Town Archive, the Historical Library, the Municipal Newspaper Library and the Madrid Memory Digital Library.

The building was once an important barracks created at the beginning of the 18th century, the Real Cuartel de Guardias de Corps, considered the last great example of Madrid’s architecture prior to the introduction of the Italian style, dominant from the construction of the Royal Palace.

Museums and Art Galleries at Chamberi

Museo Sorolla
General Martínez Campos, 37 – 28010

Museo Geominero
Rios Rosas 23 – 28003 Madrid

Museo ABC de dibujo e ilustración
Amaniel, 29 – 28015 Madrid
It has two large exhibition halls, multifunctional spaces, the ABC Collection Archive, a restoration laboratory, warehouses, a glass room for events and the Espacio Edelvives bookshop.

Andén 0
Plaza Chamberi s/n – 28010 Madrid

Museo de la Guardia Civil
Guzman el Bueno, 110 – 28003 Madrid

Mina Marcelo Jorissen
Rios Rosas, 21 (ETS de Ingenieros de Minas de Madrid) – 28003 Madrid

Sala Canal Isabel II
Santa Engracia, 125 – 28003 Madrid

Galería Marlborough
Orfila 5 – 28010 Madrid

Theaters and Cinemas at Chamberí

Teatros del Canal, Teatro de la Abadía, Teatro Amaya, Teatros Luchana

Cine Paz and Cine Proyecciones in Fuencarral street, known for years as the street of cinemas.

Cine Palafox, Pequeño Cine Estudio, Cines Verdi Bravo Murillo (in original version), Cines Conde Duque Verdi Alberto Aguilera and Conde Duque Santa Engracia.

Schooling at Chamberi

There are a total of 6 public schools, 3 institutes, 3 private schools, 10 charter schools and 10 bilingual Spanish-English. In this link, Comunidad de Madrid, you’ll find all the info.

Parks at Chamberí

Parque de Santander

Plaza Olavide area, in Trafalgar, a cozy garden square with many terraces, a usual place for meetings and tapas.

There are numerous outdoor children’s play areas: in Fuencarral street (between Quevedo and Bilbao), Pump Track in José Luis Sampedro’s gardens in Galileo street nº 33 (it is a circuit for bicycles, with areas for children from 3 to 6 years old and from 6 to 12 years old).

Shopping at Chamberí

There are small businesses on every street and a large shopping area on Princesa Street, known as the Silver Mile in response to the Golden Mile of the Salamanca District.

In addition, it counts with a very fancy shopping area around the adjacent streets to Distrito Centro around Plaza de Alonso Martinez and Fuencarral street.

Chamberi city/postal codes

28003, 28010, 28015


Did Chamberi convince you? Do you think it would be a good choice for you?

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